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Why do you need Security Screens?

The primary function of TAPCO screens is to stop intruders, secondary function is to stop glass breakage, and third is to make you home or business more energy efficient without detracting from the appearance of your home or business.

The Anatomy of a Tapco screen: the more you know about security screens, the more you will understand why you need them.

TSS screens are made of heavy extruded aluminum reinforced at strategic places to give maximum strength. The screening material is made of .035" diameter or .028" diameter, stainless steel (SST) wire with 12 x 12 mesh (12 stainless steel wires run vertical and 12 wires run horizontal every square inch).  The whole screen and frame are powder coated a very durable way to protecting the screen from fading and rusting.  Screens are mounted directly over your existing windows creating a seamless attractive appearance.

TSS screens come fixed or hinged.  On picture windows we can use a screen that is fixed, but we usually use a screen that is hinged with key locks on the outside. allowing the screens to be opened and be cleaned from the outside easily.


Operating Security Screens installed over operating windows

We typically use operating or opening screens when the window (single-hung or double-hung) opens, especially if the window is considered an egress window.  In other words, if you are in a bedroom and need to escape a fire, you should have a window that is big enough to get out of the house.  In most cities egress windows are a requirement. In addition to the operating screen, the latch system we suggest is the EZ-Open SPR-200 which is patented by Tapco and approved by the ADA.  The Easy Open lock has a single point release and 2 locking points, designed with an ergonomic handle which can be with less than 6 pounds of pressure.


Operating Security Screens installed over fixed or picture windows

There are two ways to lock an operating or hinged window security screen installed over a picture window.  One way is to use a Bit-lock (made up from a special key called a Bit key and a tumbler lock), which is a single-point lock similar to a file drawer lock.  For example, if you have an arch top picture window over a door or window that needs to open for cleaning. This application requires the hinge to be located on the bottom of the screen.  The only way to open this screen is with a Bit-lock at the top of the arch.  If that same window is rectangular you can either use Bit-lock(s) at the top of the screen with the hinge at the bottom or use a SPR/KL.  The SPR/KL has one key location on the outside of the screen to operate the SPR mechanism (2-point lock) on the inside of the screen which is a stronger than a Bit-lock. The only difference between SPR/KL and an Easy Open lock is the key mechanism on the outside except there is not a handle on the inside of the screen but there is a Bit-lock on the outside which activates the rod on this inside.



Tapco screens have been tested in the Arizona desert heat for energy efficiency.  Screens with the .035" diameter SST wire mesh reduces air conditioning cost by blocking up to 66% of heat transfer and 68% of damaging ultra violet rays which also protects against fading of anything where the sunlight comes


The visibility is excellent when looking out from the interior of the building.   During the daytime the angle of the

screen mesh makes it difficult and sometimes near impossible to see from the exterior in.



All screens are installed with tamper resistant screws which cannot be removed with a standard screwdriver.  When TSS installs directly to brick, we use masonry screws.  On the 300 window screen, Tapco added a new aluminum  screw cover.  The screw cover is an aluminum strip that snaps-in over the tamper resistant screws giving the screens a cleaner look.   The 300 series screen comes with the screw cover.  For an additional cost, the screw cover can be added to the other window screens and door screens.




Tapco | SPR Video


How does Trend Security Screens install the Tapco products?


     Installing screens over windows


1. We clean the exterior glass on all windows getting the security screens.


2. Depending on the structure of your home or business and the type of window will determine what method will be the best installation procedure.



a. If the windows are made from aluminum, we will attach the security screen directly to outer edge of the window frame, providing there is enough of the window frame



          b. If there is not enough room to attach to the outside of the window frame and/or your windows are made out something other than aluminum we have to use another method to install the screens.


                    I. If you have brick around the window, we will screw the screens into the brick.


                    II. If you do not have brick around your windows, then we have to attach the screen through the trim around the window.


                    III. In some case square metal tubing may be required to insure proper installation.


3. TAPCO doors are screwed directly to wood jamb with tamper resistant screws.


4. The screw covers will be installed last (if applicable).


   Installing doors


       1. Doors are screwed to wood jamb with tamper resistant screws.